Ways to Improve Your Home for Better Energy Efficiency

Ways to Improve Your Home for Better Energy Efficiency

More people are gaining awareness of the advantages of having energy-efficient homes. We recognize the importance of this at The Roofing Store LLC and this is why we make sure when our customers come to us for a roof, vinyl siding, or window installation service, they will end up having a more visually appealing home and an energy-efficient one too.

Ways to Improve Your Home for Better Energy Efficiency

Better Windows

Although not as encompassing in size as your siding or roof may be, your windows affect your energy consumption greatly too. Good-quality windows improve how your home looks not just on the outside but from within too. This is mostly because energy-efficient glass can allow a good amount of natural light to penetrate your home while keeping the heat out. You can save on the need for artificial lighting and cooling requirements at the same time.

Newer Siding

If you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bills but couldn’t find anything wrong with your windows, have your siding checked. Damaged siding affects indoor temperature too and if a replacement becomes necessary, consider switching to vinyl. Our team at The Roofing Store promotes vinyl siding installation for homeowners who want a practically maintenance-free alternative to traditional siding materials.

Replacement Roofs

On top of protecting your home from the elements, your roof also plays a huge part in determining how much energy it consumes. For instance, properly installed and functioning roofs are necessary in ensuring adequate ventilation. It is through the roof that warm air is released, helping you maintain cooler temperature indoors.

If you’re thinking about getting windows, siding, or a full roof replacement, get in touch with our team at The Roofing Store. We have been in business since 1982, with a 100% customer satisfaction rate to this day. Call us at (860) 517-8436. We offer a free, no-obligation estimate for residents of Plainfield, CT.

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