Choosing Sustainable Roofing Materials

Choosing Sustainable Roofing Materials

The roof makes your house feel cozy, comfortable and asthetically appealing. These days the trend in roofing is toward “green” or sustainable materials. They provide comfortable and sustainable living in times of increasing pollution and waste.

Choosing Sustainable Roofing Materials

The Roofing Store shows you how to choose such materials for a full roof replacement.

Recycled Material

Ensure that the roofing system you are considering consists of recycled materials. The greater the recycled content, the more environmentally friendly and efficient they are. If the material can be later on recycled, then it becomes an even better choice as it won’t end up in a landfill.

Harmful Coatings

Avoid roofing materials that have harmful zinc and copper coatings. These coatings can get washed down with rain. Then they can be toxic to the environment and the aquatic ecosystem. We only get one planet to live in, so it’s best to do our bit for future generations.

Color and Reflection

Choose the color of your roofing material based on the prevailing weather in your region. In a hot climate, lighter-colored roofing works best as it can reflect the heat. Consider this aspect as well for your vinyl siding installation by The Roofing Store.

Weight and Maintenance

Consider the weight of your chosen roofing materials. Your house structure will have to support them well. Too much weight can stress the columns and walls of your house. Additionally, heavier roofing materials are generally expensive to maintain. Durability is an important aspect of an efficient and eco-friendly roof.

Curb Appeal

An attractive roof is sure to add curb appeal to your already beautiful home. Make sure your roofing material is not only durable and efficient but also pleasing to look at. The same applies to our window installation service—we believe in having a well-rounded home improvement portfolio with both longevity and visual appeal in mind.

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