Some Roof Styles to Consider for Your New Home

Some Roof Styles to Consider for Your New Home

Decisions regarding your new roof installation will be some of the bigger ones you’ll have to make in the process of building your home. Fortunately, The Roofing Store LLC has over 35 years of experience that can work to our clients’ advantage, especially when it concerns residential roofing. Here are some notes that you may find useful when choosing which roof style to go with.

Some Roof Styles to Consider for Your New Home

Gable and Hip

The difference between gable and hip roofs lies mainly in how many slopes you see. Gable roofs have only two slopes. Hip roofs have four. You can see front gable roofs in a lot of Victorian style homes. Colonial style homes usually feature side gable roofs, with one of the slopes visible from the front. Hip roofs, which resemble pyramids, can be seen on French style homes.

Flat and Shed

Although more commonly associated with commercial roof installation, flat roofs make for great residential options too. Flat is a common choice for our modern or contemporary homeowners at The Roofing Store. If you prefer a slightly sloped option, pick a shed-style roof instead.


You can go gable, hip, flat, or shed and still have a dormer roof too. Dormers are like roof extensions that jut out of an otherwise undisturbed flat or sloped surface. Every dormer features its own window that helps draw more natural light into your home. Dormers are great accents to look at from the outside. They are great for designing window seats in your home too.

Whichever roof style you decide to use, always have a trustworthy roofing contractor like our team at The Roofing Store by your side. We have successfully installed more than 500 roofs since 2005 and you can rest assured your own installation will be successful too. Call us at (860) 517-8436. We offer no-obligation, free estimates to homeowners in Hartford County, CT.

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