The Best Sustainable Roofing Materials Available Today

The Best Sustainable Roofing Materials Available Today

The sustainability movement encourages the use and development of environmentally friendly options. In roofing, this means using products of long-term service, renewability and cost-effectiveness. Here are some sustainable roofing options for your new roof installation.

The Best Sustainable Roofing Materials Available Today


Clay tile is one of the most sustainable roofing products. It comes from a natural product and features durability and recyclability. Natural clay comes in a variety of colors and tints and glazing can extend the range of its color options. Clay tiles allow air movement beneath them, which provides two benefits. First, it removes moisture from beneath the tile allowing underlayment to last longer. Second, it moderates the temperature under the tile, resulting in lower cooling costs.


Concrete roof tiles are malleable, durable and fire-resistant. Tinting is usually added during manufacture to produce a wide array of colors. They are generally shaped in the common “s,” “w” and “flat” profiles. An air gap between the tile and the roof surface below allows air movement beneath the tile. Contact your roofing contractor, The Roofing Store, for quality concrete roof tiles.


Slate, also a natural product, is a rock cut along the grain into thin slabs of uniform thickness. They are then installed on a flat surface for a durable and attractive roof. They are waterproof, fire-resistant, and durable. With proper installation, they can last for up to a hundred years.


Copper and zinc excel in terms of durability, aesthetics and formability. Both react to their environment; copper, when exposed to salty air, turns a brilliant green, while in dry climates, the color of a dirty penny. With exposure to climatic conditions, zinc will generally turn to a softer blue-gray. Both are becoming more common in higher-end residential and commercial roof installation.

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