Why Commercial Roofers Recommend Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Roof Shingles RIStrength and durability to withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws at them is one reason to choose impact resistant shingles. For a shingle to earn the designation “Impact Resistant” they had to prove they were. To test their resistance, a 2” steel ball is dropped from a height of 20 feet. If the shingle cracks, it fails this designation. Few shingles on the market today pass this test without cracking.

They offer a unique benefit to many building owners. When you install impact resistant shingles with the UL2218 Class 4 designation, ask your agent if your structure qualifies for a discount on your property insurance.

CertainTeed’s Impact Resistant Shingles

As licensed commercial roofers, we have many brands of shingles we could sell and install. When it comes to impact resistant shingles, we recommend CertainTeed products. The two most popular are in their Landmark Series. The Landmark XT™ 30 IR is an economical 3-tab shingle. The XT 30 IR comes in eight colors to work with virtually any home’s color scheme. They include at 30 year limited transferable warranty. Unlike many 3-tab shingles, these also have a10 year StreakFighter® warranty on most colors.

If you’re looking for an impact resistant architectural shingle, ask any roofer and they’ll tell you about the Landmark® IR. They’re available in seven colors and are also Class A fire resistant. A great looking shingle plus an exceptional lifetime warranty covering materials defects plus a ten-year StreakFighter and SureStart warranty and a 15 year 110mph wind resistant warranty.

CertainTeed offers several other lines of impact resistant shingles. If you want a slate or shake style shingle, ask about the Belmont® IR, Presidential Shake® IR, or Northegate® shingle lines. If your reason for needing a roof replacement and considering impact resistant shingles is due to a hail storm, we accept all insurance claims. As the leading local commercial roofers, The Roofing Store professionally installs many different roofing materials. Call us for your free estimate at (860) 564-8300 and we’ll help you find the best shingle material and style for your home and budget.