Shakes and Shingles: A Traditional Roofing Choice

Wood Shake Shingles RIIf you’re looking for a commercial roof replacement material that is traditional and looks great over time, consider wood shakes or wood shingles. Although many people think they are the same, wood shingles are sawn from wood blocks. They are tapered and generally have a relatively smooth surface. Shakes are split from wood blocks; they are less uniform in thickness than shingles, are sometimes grooved, and frequently have little taper. Shakes may be split, then sawn to provide taper as well as a relatively flat side, which is turned away from the weather during installation.

Best Commercial Wood Roof Replacement Options

The first advice we give our customers is to select a durable material. Because one of the most important factors of your roof is durability, you want a wood that is resistance to decay. Western red cedar is rated as extremely durable and one of the most commonly used woods for shakes and shingles. Another popular commercial roof replacement option is treated southern yellow pine.

When you and your commercial roofing company select your wood shake or shingles, select only the top grade of shingles manufactured with edge-grained heartwood or treated sapwood. A good commercial roofing company will apply the appropriate finish like a semi-transparent penetrating oil-based stains or a water-repellent preservative. This will help protect your roof and keep it looking great for years to come. A protective finishing product for your roof should be included in your roof replacement estimate.

Choose The Roofing Store for Your Commercial Roof Replacement

How shingles are installed influences the moisture condition of the roof and how long it lasts. Debris and moisture buildup greatly affects service life. If your roofing company doesn’t have experience installing wood shake or wood shingle roofs, yours won’t look great or last as it should. If you already have a shake roof and need roof repair or maintenance, we offer repair and maintenance to all varieties of wood roofs. The Roofing Store’s knowledgeable installers work with wood roofing products regularly so if you’re looking for a wood roof, call us today at (860) 564-8300 or fill out our contact request form.