Metal Clad Windows for Commercial Window Replacement

Metal Clad Windows Installation RIFor metal clad commercial window replacement, you can’t go wrong with any of the lines offered by The Roofing Store. All brands have excellent warranties and are a great window company to work with. Metal clad windows are windows that have a metal casing, or cladding, on the exterior, and either metal or wood on the interior.

Marvin Windows

Marvin’s extensive line of exterior clad windows comes in 19 clad colors, 9 casing profiles, and 6 subsills give]ing you endless options to enhance your business’s curb appeal and express your personal style. You’ll love the Kynar® 500 paint finish for superior resistance to fading and chalking which means the color lasts longer than other painted finishes.

Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows have a long history as the window of choice for commercial window replacement. They offer Low-E glass that works like sunblock to help protect your office from ultraviolet light. If you want metal clad windows and doors with tough protective shells that never need painting, these windows are an excellent choice. The natural wood used creates a timeless combination of beauty and durability.

TrimLine Windows

TrimLine’s clad wood replacement windows are made of the finest quality solid western pine, oak, cherry and mahogany ready for paint or stain on the window’s interior. The virtually maintenance free aluminum clad exterior is weather resistant. The exterior finish is available in standard colors of white, bronze, earthtone and beige. Custom colors are also available. All windows come with your choice of standard half or full screens and window locks in brass, white, or bronze. Many businesses love the easy tilt system with a unique recessed tilt latch and tilt/take-out design allows for easy removal for cleaning or finishing while providing aesthetic appeal giving your business a clean look.

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