Wooden Replacement Windows

Wood Windows Installation MAFor some homeowners there is no option other than a traditional wooden replacement windows. If you need new windows for your home and want wood, consider Trimline wood windows. They have all the beauty of a wood window for historical homes and buildings as well as the energy efficiency that modern windows offer.

The ENERGY STAR® certified single and double hung L300 series windows come with with Low E glass and have a U-Value of .28, a SHGC of .28, and are in performance Class LC-40. They’re available in widths from 14” – 54” and Heights of 24”-96”. These all wood windows come with several glass and mutin options. We can order your custom replacement windows in a prefinished color of your choice, primed, or unfinished for both the interior and exterior of the window.

If you’re looking for a different style wood window, Trimline offers casement, picture, and awning windows in many different shapes and styles. No matter what you need for your historical home or, Trimline has a custom option for you.

Why Choose Wood Windows

If your home is in a historical neighborhood, you may have to conform to the architectural review committee’s standards. The Roofing Store has vast experience with HOA and architectural review boards. We’re happy to provide the necessary paperwork and images for your window replacement.

For some homeowners it’s the beauty of wood they appreciate. They want a natural looking stained window that can’t be replicated by any other material. If you want a window that is environmentally friendly, wood is a great option. Wood windows take much less energy to produce a wood frame window than a vinyl one. And when it comes time to dispose of a wood window, most of the materials can be recycled. Today’s wood frame windows are just as energy efficient as other types of windows.

If you’re looking for replacement windows for your home and wonder if wood windows would be right for you, fill out our contact form or call (860) 564-8300. One of The Roofing Store’s window department staff members will be happy to answer your questions about wood replacement windows and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.