Galvalume Steel: A Smart Metal Roofing Option

Galvalume Steel: A Smart Metal Roofing Option

Steel is an affordable material that homeowners and commercial property owners can take advantage of for their roofing projects. One notable type is called Galvalume®. Considered an alternative to the typical galvanized steel roof, it features certain qualities such as high resistance to corrosion.

Galvalume Steel: A Smart Metal Roofing Option

The Roofing Store, LLC, your local roofing contractor, discusses Galvalume steel roofs in further detail.

It’s All in the Coating

Steel, in itself, is expected to rust when exposed to oxygen and moisture. It is for this reason that a sacrificial layer is applied to protect the material against corrosion. A Galvalume roof, in this case, is composed of a carbon/iron base with an alloy containing a combination of elements and their ratios: aluminum (55%), zinc (43.5%), and silicon (1.5%). Like galvanized steel, Galvalume is applied to both sides of the steel sheets through the hot-dip process.

The presence of aluminum in the alloy coating gives the roof a barrier that protects the base material against rust and heat. Additionally, the zinc component provides self-healing properties against scratches, preserving the roof’s appearance and prolonging the service life of the steel underneath.

Galvalume roofs are used in both residential and commercial roof installation projects. They are often available in standing seam type and other simple profiles to protect the material from tension bend staining, a problem where corrosion occurs in the folds and bends of the metal.

Advantages of Galvalume

One advantage of Galvalume roofs is their superior ability to reflect sunlight. Such roofs with high reflectance qualities help reduce the absorption of heat, which then promotes energy efficiency within your home or commercial property.

Also, the roof’s coating does not contribute additional weight to the base material, which is why Galvalume offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. Indeed, the aluminum-zinc alloy provides strength and durability that only the steel base can match.

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