Possible Reasons Behind Roof Shingle Weathering

Possible Reasons Behind Roof Shingle Weathering

Serving as a roof’s first line of defense, shingles take a beating from all kinds of elements throughout any season. Because of this, they will inevitably show signs of weathering especially towards the end of their expected lifespan. Here are a few reasons why the same can happen to your own roof and how a residential roofing contractor like The Roofing Store LLC can help you prepare for the effects of shingle deterioration and keep it in check too.

Possible Reasons Behind Roof Shingle Weathering

Extreme Weather

Shingle strength can be tested in any climate, especially during severe weather. Extreme heat during the summer months can cause shingles to lose some of their color. Hailstones that are more than an inch in diameter can place most shingle roofs under stress. Heavy rain or snow puts shingles at risk for moisture damage.

Poor Installation and Maintenance

Roofing materials are bound to deteriorate faster if they were poorly installed to begin with. Not all contractors specialize in residential roof installation or are properly certified for it like we are at The Roofing Store. Avoid installers that claim expertise without the proper credentials to back it up.

Proper roofing maintenance is also key. Shingles on lower-sloped roofs, for instance, need better care as they are more prone to moisture retention. Have timely inspections done and immediately replace shingles that show signs of cracking or splitting.

Deficient Quality

A roof that is properly cared for can last you for decades, but not if you have bad quality shingles. Avoid the mistake of picking out roofing materials based only on how much less they cost you compared to others. Weathering will be much more apparent after only a few years of installation if the shingles are poorly made.

To know more about shingle weathering, give us a call at The Roofing Store. We are a team of residential and commercial roof construction experts, working with knowledge we’ve gained throughout the decades since 1982. Our number is (860) 517-8436. We can provide you with a free no-obligation estimate if you own a home in Plainfield, CT, or anywhere throughout Hartford County.

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