Chimney Services to Keep Your Home Safe and Dry

Chimney ServicesThere are few things more comforting than sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night. If you don’t take care to keep your chimney properly maintained, it can also be dangerous. Your chimney should be inspected annually. How often you use your fireplace will determine how often it needs to be cleaned. A properly functioning chimney cap will help protect the inside of your home.

Chimney Inspection and Repair

Your chimney connects to many parts of your home. A chimney inspection includes both interior and exterior inspections. The interior inspection looks for anything that is blocking the flue or deterioration. Checking that the flue operates properly is key as well.

The exterior inspection is done both on the roof and anywhere in the home that the chimney can be viewed. The inspection includes checking flashing on the roof and the mortar which can crack especially after a winter with many freeze-thaw cycles. If we find that any part of your chimney needs repair, we’ll provide you with a no obligation quote.

Chimney Cleaning Services

Part of our annual inspection determines if you need a chimney cleaning. Should we feel it’s time for a chimney cleaning service, we can complete that as well. A clean chimney keeps your home safe and helps the fireplace’s interior last longer.

Chimney Cap Installation

A missing or broken chimney cap allows water and creatures into your chimney. They can build nests and even come into your home if your flue is open. The debris they leave in the chimney can lead to sparks and chimney fires. Prevention with a chimney cap is the best method to keep critters from entering your chimney.

Keep your home safe with professional chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, and chimney repair services from The Roofing Store. Call (860) 564-8300 today for your free estimate or complete our easy to use contact form.