Skylights Services RISkylights are more than just windows on your roof. Of course, they do provide more light, but a quality skylight will minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs which can lower your overall electric usage. One consideration a company like The Roofing Store can help with is advising you on the best location for your skylight installation. For example, when your skylight installation is on a roof facing east or west, you’ll have morning or afternoon light and solar heating. When you choose a skylight that opens, you can increase a room’s air circulation and allow the warm air to escape.

One key is to choose an ENERGY STAR® rated skylight like those from Wasco. As a Wasco Certified Reseller, The Roofing Store has the training and experience to ensure your skylight installation goes smoothly and works flawlessly for years to come. As a single piece skylight, there are fewer leak points which allows Wasco to offer a Leak Free 10-Year Warranty. Some of the many features offered are impact rated glass, fixed or manual venting or solar powered motorized venting for easy opening and closing.

Why Choose the Roofing Store for Your Skylight Installation

There are many businesses who install skylights but not all of them know what they’re doing. Proper skylight installation includes work on your roof. As a roofing company, we know the proper methods of skylight installation to prevent roof leaks. When you trust The Roofing Store with your skylight installation, you can be assured that your new skylight will have proper flashing and the nearby shingles will still do their job.

Skylight Leak Repair

Most of the time when a homeowner complains of a roof leak near their skylight, it’s due to poor installation. As a roofing company, we can inspect your roof, especially the area around your skylight, and make necessary roof repair so you can enjoy your skylight for years to come.

From skylights to windows, we want you to have the natural light and airflow in your home that you’ve always wanted. The Roofing Store, we’re more than just roofing. Call (860) 564-8300 today for your free estimate or complete our easy to use contact form.